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History about the Body Mass Index and how it is calculated.

Adolphe Quetelet - Creator of the First BMI Formula

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The earliest Body Mass Index formula was invented by a Belgian man named Adolphe Quetelet. He was an astronomer, an author, a statistician, a sociologist and a mathematician. He was a polymath – highly educated in both the arts and sciences and lived from 1796 to 1874. Sometime between 1830 and 1850, he developed what he called the “Quetelet index”, which is now known as the Body Mass Index.

It is reported that he was intending to find the definition of a statistically normal man. He not only looked at things such as physical normality, but he also looked at factors such as the age of marriage and other behaviors.

When it came to the physical body, he was looking at proportionality. So – the taller someone becomes, the bigger their arm width should be, the bigger the circumference of their head should be and the more they should weigh. However, as part of his project, he realized that weight didn’t correlate proportionally to height, but instead to the square of height.

The simple fact is Quetelet wasn’t looking at anything in relation to obesity or even body leanness, yet his formula is his most widely known creation.

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