Find out why our Travel Cubes are famous on

Find out why our Travel Cubes are famous on

We are very excited about the article on MyFascinationStreet Blog! 


 MyFascinationStreets Article:

I have no idea where these have been all my life. As much as I take super lengthy trips where I'm always living out of a suitcase I'm shocked that I never thought of looking into something like these Travel Cubes by Lake Industries, sold on Smart Living by Lake.

I'm heading out of town for a few weeks and cannot wait to use these. So while I haven't had a chance to test them out my coworker recently got back from 3 weeks backpacking through Italy and I let her borrow these. She said they were a lifesaver. She mentioned how it was super easy to find what she was looking for based on the items she was able to see through the mesh top and that helped keep her suitcase not only orderly but from overflowing and making it hard to full re-pack every few days.

While I'll be staying in the same place for the two weeks that I'm away and won't be in dire need of these for my clothes I'll be packing my toiletries and hair styling tools in a few of these cubes in order to prevent any bulging and to make it easier to see how many of the same product I'm taking with me!

A few days ago I was also given one for shoes so that's coming as well. Eventually, my suitcases will always be filled with neat and tidy cubes. It'll be like Tetris! I highly recommend these for anyone backpacking or that just wants to open their suitcase and not have a panic attack when they're just looking for one item that's buried underneath layers of clothes (and makeup, and shoes, and products, etc).

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