How to Make TENS Unit Pads Sticky Again?

How to Make TENS Unit Pads Sticky Again?

Not at all like physician recommended a prescription, TENS units give safe and non-intrusive alleviation from torment. Furthermore, dissimilar to a solution or over-the-counter medications, these units can be utilized over and over without requiring refills. The main thing that should be supplanted incidentally on a TENS unit is the terminal cushions, which are in charge of exchanging the delicate electrical driving forces through the skin and to the nerve endings.

When they're fit as a fiddle, cathode cushions are perfect and sticky and will stay put effortlessly on the skin. In any case, in the event that they're not watched over legitimately, terminal cushions can lose a portion of their bond and be less powerful. When this happens, people want to know how to make TENS unit pads sticky again.

Every TENS device require electrode pads so you can stick the electrodes to your skin. These pads can sometimes get dirty and become hard to stick.

Use Electrode Gel and electrolyte spray

While cleaning the pads will help extend their life, it will only help so much. Eventually, the pads will start to lose stickiness. When this happens to apply electrode gel to the pad to make it sticky again. You can also use an electrolyte spray. This helps the pad recover its gummy and can help it stick longer during your therapy.

Clean Your Skin Properly

This can occur for some reasons, yet most usually it's expected to not cleaning your skin appropriately before applying the cushions as the flotsam and jetsam on your skin and your body's natural oils can take away from the pads stickiness.


Electrodes Need Replacement

You should also realize that sometimes, TENS pads just have their adhesive dry out. This is normal after some time and expects you to replace the pads, as cleaning them will do little good. TENS pads can also be over-saturated due to sweating or high humidity.

Clean your electrode pads

After each use, care for your TENS electrode pads by cleaning them with a moist cloth. If your pads are less sticky than they used to be, it may be because of dirt or oil. Be sure you are using a towel or a washcloth, and not something that can leave the residue, like a paper towel. Sometimes, just a few droplets of water can help bring back some stickiness but be aware not to over saturate them.

Cleaning Off Debris & Oil

When you're wiping the trash and oil from your TENS unit pad, don't oversaturate them. Only a delicate swipe with the damp cloth will do. After your pads are perfect, you can make an extra step towards making your TENS unit pads sticky again and brush them softly with a toothbrush. This progression uncovered more sticky surface region with the goal that the anode pad will follow all the more effective.

TENS Wipes

On the off chance that the above home cure isn't viable, TENS wipes are dependably a decent alternative. TENS wipes look similar to “wet wipes” you often find in restaurants to be used after dinner. TENS wipes are made with an exceptional mix of cleaner which can be utilized to prep your skin and clean the terminal surfaces.

You can't make an arrangement of cathode cushions keep going forever, however, you can unquestionably tend to them in a way that makes them keep going for up to 20-30 uses. Proper care and placement can make all the difference in getting the most out of your TENS or EMS unit.



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