Smart Options | College Graduation Gifts

Smart Options | College Graduation Gifts

The graduation months are fast approaching. It comes only a few times in our lives that’s why it is very important to celebrate! It represents a new chapter in life to unfold, a new phase of learning, and a new adventure in the real world. When the graduate is someone special to us, we want to give them something as a reward for their hard work.

But with the number of stores that offers unique product online, it’s really hard to decide and come up with the perfect graduation gift. But here’s to help you find the special and meaningful gift that they will cherish:

  1. Vacation/ Travel

After the long tiring and stressful academic years, they deserve a break and a breath of fresh air! Gift them something that will enlighten their mind, will give them peace and happiness. May it be out of town or an out of the country trip, it will surely be appreciated! A freebie along with the ticket will surely make the grad happier, help them organized their things for the trip by providing travel packing cubes!

  1. Gadgets

I know this is very popular now and almost all the people in the city own one. But what if you give a graduate an upgraded and updated kind of gadgets such as phone, laptop, camera and smart tablets? It is also a great gift because gadget might be useful in the field of work after graduation, right?

  1. Money

Admit it or not, we love receiving money, whether it is a check, cash or savings account. Although money may not be sentimental it can give the graduate a freedom to choose and buy anything that he wants.

  1. Sports or Concert Tickets

Most of the youth loves sports and concerts! It can also be a good gift option, just consider the things that they prefer like their idols and genre.

  1. Gift Card Assortment

Assemble redeemable gift cards from your grad's favorite places such as restaurants, cafes, bookstores and more. Spend as much as desired on multiple gift cards. Place the cards in a box and wrap as a gift.

  1. First Apartment Survival Kit

For the graduate's first apartment, help them fill the house with the most needed house ware products like pillows, bed sheets, rugs, cleaning materials, lamps (I would suggest Rakaposhi Lamp because it has a lot of benefits, you can buy salt lamp online), smart kitchen appliances such as coffee maker, stainless steel knife set, an alkaline water filter pitcher that is very beneficial to health and also it will help them reduce their expenses, and also you can provide them with non-stick skillet set and encourage them to cook on their own and avoid eating processed and instant foods.

  1. Sports Club/Gym Membership

If they are health conscious and enjoys working out then sports club/gym membership is also a good idea to give. Along with the card, give them a freebie like yoga mat or bicycle; something that might be useful for them in training and work out.

  1. Jewelry

If the grad appreciates fashion and jewelry then maybe it is a good thing to give. Make it more personalized by adding an engraving.

  1. Car/Used Car

This is a gift that will surely last. Consider that they will also need to have this when they started working!

  1. Stock

This is a unique gift. This is more valuable because you are giving a gift that will keep on giving in the future if the stock does well. Also, it is a reminder to the grad that he or she is entering a new phase of life and they have to begin focusing on things like saving money and investing for the future which is considered as smart living!

A lot have mentioned and I hope this helps you decide. Any of these will give honor to the accomplishment the grads have taken. The graduation gift you give will acknowledge how far they've come and the excitement for what lies ahead.


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