The Health Benefits of Cooking on Himalayan Salt Blocks

The Health Benefits of Cooking on Himalayan Salt Blocks

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard about Himalayan Salt before! It’s the latest trend in healthy eating, but its uses are not just limited to that. Himalayan Salt Lamps offer decoration and therapy as well, while Himalayan Salt scrubs are great for skin. Similarly, Himalayan Salt blocks or plates are being used to serve food and even as substitutes for pans to cook food in. Cooking on Himalayan Salt Blocks can let you enjoy mineral rich and tasty food, but you’ll get countless health benefits as well. This block is also referred to as Grilling & Serving Salt Plates.

Adds Healthy Minerals to Food

Utilizing a Himalayan salt square to cook sustenance gives the nourishment a chance to assimilate the numerous minerals contained in the square. These minerals push the body to normally direct circulatory strain, bolster a solid heart, adjust the body's pH, help control the level of water in the body, and it has many other health benefits.

The measure of salt and minerals which the nourishment ingests relies upon factors like:

How moist the food it – Moisture in the food will pick up salt faster. 

The fat substance of the nourishment – Fat in the sustenance will get salt slower.
The thickness of the nourishment – It's best to utilize sustenance that is sliced to a suitable thickness and cook rapidly.
The temperature of the square – Cooking on a salt square that hasn't been warmed sufficiently high will over-salt your sustenance.

Himalayan Salts are the Healthiest in the World

Ultra clean and wholly natural, these are like Mother Nature’s most organic cook-tops and serving platters in one! Himalayan salts are known to boast dozens of major and micro minerals essential for health, and these absorb into foods during the cooking process making this cooking method both eco-friendly and health conscientious. Many also believe that the crystalline structure and symmetry of these salts allow them to harness energy that benefits the consumer on a holistic level.


Different supplements contained in a Himalayan salt square incorporate calcium, chloride, press, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, and to a lesser degree: boron, copper, fluoride, iodine, selenium, and zinc — all of which are essential for a healthy body. Himalayan salt is reaped normally, so the minerals that it contains have not been prepared or refined at all. Notwithstanding Himalayan salt hinders, the mineral is likewise sold as grains, either fine or course. They can be used to improve the taste, as well as the nutritional value, of the foods to which they are added.

A Safe Vessel for Your Food

Commonly used materials for cooking and storing food, such as aluminum and plastic, have been considered harmful for overall health by many. There have been speculations about aluminum cookware causing Alzheimer’s disease, due to leaching out of the material in food. It has also been linked to causing certain illnesses in the past. Although evidence for this is not strong, you can always choose an all natural, safer option such as a Himalayan Salt block with all the additional health perks it has to offer!

The Energy Boost

Himalayan Salt, through its ancient origin, is said to contain the high potential energy it has absorbed from the Sun and the Earth. Many claims to feel energetic after ingestion of the salt. You can also heighten your energy levels by consuming traces of this gift from nature, through cooking over Himalayan Salt blocks.



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