Ways to Supercharge Your HIIT Routine

Ways to Supercharge Your HIIT Routine

HIIT workouts are incredibly effective. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. HIIT uses short period classes of 100% effort mixed in with rest and recovery.

It's one of the fastest ways to workout. It is also fun, varied, and gives you more benefits than you can count using both of your hands. HIIT workouts can be applied to almost any exercise. There is a range of timing ratios (intensity vs. recovery) that can be used - all of which help with your power.

You’ll Keep Burning the Calories for Hours

“HIIT consumes the greater number of calories amid and after an exercise than consistent aerobic training,” says practice physiologist and athletic mentor Scott Weiss, C.S.C.S. “The blasts of expanded force just increment the caloric consumption; therefore, more aggregate calories are signed, aiding in better body composition.” Even more: You burn more calories for about two hours after an exercise, adding to the greater caloric burn. Exercise post-oxygen consumption is the body’s natural ability to return to homeostasis after exercise. “With HIIT, the aggregate calories consumed is more in EPOC than with consistent exercise."

Boosts Anaerobic Fitness

Aerobic fitness is great for running marathons and ensuring you don't get tired easily. Anaerobic fitness or not requiring air is your body's ability to complete tasks without relying on oxygen (e.g. while completing high-intensity activities such as sprints). It is also proven that working in your anaerobic zone, the type of exercise that's like sprinting away from a ravenous grizzly bear produces extreme results. Think about this in numbers. This means that if someone was able to run 10k in 50 minutes, he or she would be able to run 20k at the same pace. This would result in a time of 1 hour 40 minutes after 8 weeks of HIIT training; not bad.

Use Your Favorite Exercises

HIIT training doesn’t need to be boring. In fact, there are many different methods you can use to accomplish a HIIT style of exercise. Furthermore, I always suggest picking the form of exercise that you actually enjoy.
By choosing exercises that you enjoy doing, it’s more likely you’ll complete the workout, and it’s also more likely that you’ll be more enthusiastic about the process of actually doing it, too, which could lead to putting in greater effort and a more consistent approach going forward.


Saves Time

HIIT is easy, and you can have all the benefits in less than 30 minutes. A study in the Journal of Physiology found that completing HIIT sessions gives you all the benefits of steady state cardio but in a fraction of the time. It's also been proven that a HIIT workout lasting just 30 minutes can have exactly the same benefits (if not more) when compared to 90 minutes of low-intensity exercise.

HIIT Workouts can Boost your Patience

Next time you’re trudging on a run, lift it up-only for 60 seconds. Perform only one minute of high-force work. Amid moderate exercise, you can support your perseverance and your overall health by improving your blood pressure and higher counts of mitochondria, which helps fuel your body and brain, according to a study in PLoS ONE. That enhanced perseverance will extend to your more direct power runs, rides, and other workouts.

Removes Metabolic Waste More Effectively

Metabolic waste is the term for the waste products built up in the body from exercise. HIIT trains the body to remove metabolic waste during the rest period between intervals. This means that your body can recover quicker from periods of high intensity and therefore completes more work in the same given period of time.

Improves Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is not good, otherwise known as "hypertension." It increases your risk range of undesirable events including heart attacks and stroke. This is not ideal. It affects roughly 31% of Americans, costing the country an incredible $47.5 billion a year. A resting heart rate is also one of the most important predictors of cardiovascular disease.

Blood pressure is such a significant problem in society. We're fortunate that there's lots of research identifying ways to improve blood pressure. Therefore, we're steps closer to making people significantly healthier. Unsurprisingly, HIIT has been shown to be particularly effective. 

Walk/Run HIIT Workout

If you like walking and running, or you’re traveling and have no exercise equipment other than your athletic shoes, this is a good HIIT workout for you. Simply warm-up by walking slowly to a moderate pace for five minutes, then alternate 30 seconds of fast walking with 30 seconds of all-out running. Do this 8-10 times (for a total of 8-10 minutes); then, enter your cool down phase and your HIIT workout is now complete. There are other intervals running workouts that can be performed at the comfort of your gym as well.



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