Where Can You Place Your Salt Lamp

Where Can You Place Your Salt Lamp

One of the prevalent threats to our health today is the incorporation of technology into everyday life. The scope of electronic gadgets in each room of our homes and workplaces make an electrical-brown haze of hurtful positive particles that are breaking down the air around us, subsequently affecting our physical and emotional health. Likewise, the indoor air toxins including microbes, molds, and allergens, all conveying a positive charge, are adding to our battle for clean air. The comfort and loosened warm glow of natural Himalayan salt lamps can be used to help the air around us stay fresh and clean while keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy.


Here are some placement ideas for the Himalayan Salt Lamp:



Your bedroom is probably the place where you spend most of your time. The arrangement of a salt light in a room is really smart though; you can put it on your bedside table to have an extraordinary air purifier. Placing this beside you may benefit you in numerous ways. When lit, it emits negative ions which will destroy the air pollutants and allergens. Subsequently, you will feel encompassed by the outside air and feel quiet and loose. The selective Himalayan salt lamp fills in as a stunning night light. Its delicate, golden gleams light the dull long periods of the night into an entrancing orange, yellow shine. The light is totally protected to be kept on for the duration of the night. People, who have put these lights in their rooms, say that there are better resting examples and they wheeze less.


Bedroom for Children

This is another great location for the placement of a Himalayan salt lamp. The dim light will make the kids feel safe and the negative ions will help them to sleep soundly. Plus, if your child is prone to allergy linked colds and a respiratory problem, the lamp can help to clear the sinus cavity and alleviate the symptoms of a cold as well as asthma.


Yoga Room

A Himalayan pink salt light is the best expansion to your yoga room. It’s warm and amber glow relaxes your mind and body.


Work Station

You call your workstation your second home. This is because you spend long hours of the day in your office. It is where there is a ton of positive particles, which contaminate your encompassing air. The electromagnetic radiation effects affect one's well-being; in this way, setting a salt light may end up being useful. It works as an ionizer and kills these hurtful impacts. A salt lamp on your work area may enhance your work capacity. You may notice an improvement in mood and concentration span. The salt lamp is likewise known to decrease the impacts of screen radiation which are a reason for cerebral pains and dormancy.


Living Room

Placing the salt lamp in the living room is the smart thought. It looks great and helps to change the looks of its surrounding. It works as an antidote for your eyes and can also help to relax you.


Restaurants and Hotels

Placing a salt lamp in a waiting area of your restaurant or hotel will add a welcoming touch to your space. The visitors will be hypnotized by the brilliant light, sparkling in a delicate, golden gleam. It radiates quiet vibes because of its shining nearness. Its crystalline, mitigating gleam makes the territory an agreeable homestead.

Aside from the previously mentioned regions, you can put your salt light in doctor facilities, magnificence salons, medicinal service units, hold-up rooms, and other business spaces. Salt lamps are sheltered, financially savvy, and most essential to be environment-friendly. Your salt lamp can be kept on as long as you need. These do not have any side effects; instead, they may prove to be beneficial for your well-being. Beside various approaches to utilize your salt light, the best position and place is in your room & spas.



The benefits include neutralizing static electricity (ion neutralizer) of kitchen utensils such as the microwave, oven, refrigerator, etc.


Hospitals and Recovery Rooms

The well-known function of Himalayan rock salt lamps are to relieve respiratory diseases, so there’s a need to introduce them in hospitals, recovery centers, and even in the room of a patient at home.



By securing salt lamps from humidity and water splash, you may insert in bathrooms near windows as well. Its negative ions can effectively fight against suffocation and odor.

Another way to improve the quality of air in your house is by frequently airing the place, so the air can circulate. In the winter months or when there are high levels of air pollution, it might be difficult to leave the windows open and sufficiently air all the rooms. That is when the salt lamps can be particularly useful and can help cleanse the air and remove the stubborn winter bugs.



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