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We strive to create the most Innovative products for your home that are functional, energy efficient and support good health.

Smart Living by Lake is a division of Lake Industries, Inc. Lake Industries was founded over 40yrs ago by Owner, Saville Kellner, as a wholesale supply company of kitchen & housewares. Its primary focus was on providing a network of authorized distributors with the means to optimize revenues and maximize their profits.

Lake Industries has sustained tremendous growth throughout the years and inspired several other business owners to achieve success. We have a vision for the future.  A vision that has driven us from the moment Lake was created. Our future vision is about creating the kind of excellence that results from the unique tension between uncompromising quality and outstanding customer service.
"Here's to the obsessive ones who strive to make each detail right,
here's to the obsessive ones who create late at night,
here's to the obsessive ones who bust a gut to deliver for our customers, 
here's to the obsessive ones who have the courage to say when something isn't good enough, 
here's to the obsessive ones who have the humility to receive those comments well, 
here's to the obsessive ones who don't walk by anything they can put right themselves, 
here's to the obsessive ones who dare to try the never been tried before, 
here's to the obsessive ones consumed with this crazy love affair called Lake,
here's to our clients."

If you Strive to achieve these extremes, then the unexpected will happen: limits are pushed; expectations are exceeded; myths are shattered and new legends are born. With each new venture, we stretch the boundaries of possibility. We like to think of Smart Living by Lake as the result of all this. We have set the standard in expanding our customer growth, by always achieving unmatchable quality, and constant research using advanced technology along with applying our vast years of experience and knowledge. Here at Lake Industries, we are always in search of the greatest products and new exciting experiences we can provide, for each and every one of our customers.
We are excited for our new venture with Smart Living by Lake and look forward to the future. With our integrity and pride in our brand, we hold a standard above the competition.


Across our many and diverse selling platforms, Lake Industries mission is consistent throughout. To provide the finest quality, best value and most innovative consumer products, and to ensure that the end user customer for these products is not only well informed but secure in the knowledge that their decision is supported by the most comprehensive warranties and attentive customer service available.
Lake Industires